Tuesday, 1 November 2011

~ Back to basics ~ ^^

    My mbp original purpose for creating this blog is to complete my assignment that be given by my lecture for subject MGT417 or known as Information Technology in Business :)

                                            MGT 417 Information Technology in Business
                                                   Individual Assignment

Instructions :
1. Complete all the tasks given below.
2. Complete the tasks in English.
3. Date of submission : latest by 14th.Nov 2011.
Tasks :
(a) Develop a personal webpage for yourself.
(b) The webpage that you have developed should have the following sections :
          # Information about yourself, includes your photo (s)
          # At least 2 posts/essays written by you (around 300 words)
         # At least 2 articles, including your comments, that are relevant to your studies
         # At least 2 external links to other Internet-sites
         # Advertise/Promote your products/services.
Remarks :
1. Marks will be given according to the following criteria :
          # Layout of your webpage : How impressive it is?
          # Your creativity in designing your webpage : it is your own idea or just another  
             piece of  ''copy-and-paste'' work?
          # User friendliness of your webpage : How easily the reader can read your posts, or
             search for information from your webpage?
          # Quality of your posts/essays : How well you able to present your ideas to the
          # Accessibility of your external links : Could the external links be opened?
2. Remember to inform your lecturer regarding the URL address of your webpage.

                                                     END OF PAPER

                                                  Lets start moving the assignment ! =)

p/s:: sory post mpb kaly niey agk formal a.k.a skema,,but pade mpb even this assignment just contribute 10 % for this paper tpi itu satu jumlah yg cukup besar pade mpb yg mane akn mnentukn hala tuju mpb nanti okeh!~~chewahhh,,heheh aptb btol...kbye \(^_~)vvv

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  1. yehaa dateline for send this individuals has move to 28hb nov 2011 :)))))