Monday, 28 November 2011


Danbo is made from cardboard. Azuma Kiyohiko, the writer of Yotsuba, created this character to appear once in the comic. He has unique expression which has attracted many photographers in the world to make him as the object of their photos. Furthermore, Danbo can be posed easily according to the concept of their photos. 

In the Yotsuba comic, Danbo appears in the 5th comic, chapter 28. It is when Ena and Miura got a school project and they made a robot named Danbo. They made it from a cardboard. The idea was to have someone inside the Danbo, which was Miura, to make Danbo speak and move. But to have him move, you had to insert ¥100 and you could click a switch on the right side of his face to make his eyes shine. Yotsuba shocked when they first met in Ena's room, but made friends with him eventually. Yotsuba believed them that Danbo was a robot, without knowing there was Miura inside Danbo.
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