Sunday, 13 November 2011

kOreaN WavE

The korean wave, also know as Hallyu refers to spread of South Korean culture around the world. The term was coined in China in mid-1999 by Beijing journalists surprised by the fast growing popularity of Korean entertainment and culture in China. But the wave now have hit all asean and europe countries. As we know too Malaysia is no exception necessarily feel throughfall intensity. The Korean wave is responsible for achieving over one billion dolars in revenue anually for South Korea through culturals exports. 

Another concrete proof of the Korean wave articles from CNN website :)

Korean draMa

All korean drama usually come in miniseries format because almost the drama has been made not longer than 32 episodes. This format are really contribute too attracted public attention to watched that because the story are short, simple plot, nice narration and regularly end with happy ending. Many of these dramas have become famous throughout Asia and have contributed to the general phenomenon of the korean wave, as know as Hallyu, and "Drama Fever" in some countries. Most famous drama have also become famous in other parts of the world such as Latin America, the Middle East and elsewhere.
For clearly who can forget the early famous Korean Drama like Winter Sonata, Autumn In My Heart, Full House, Meteor Garden and now we got the hit latest drama like Boys Over Flowers, Pasta, He Beautiful's, Coffee Prince, Princess Hours, Sassy Girl and a lot else.

Winter Sonata

Full House

Boys Over Flowers


Coffee Prince

Korean Pop Musics

Korean pop musics or the short form is K-pop is an mainstream musics was a musical genre consisting of hip hop, pop, electropop, rock, and R&B musics originating in South Korea. In addition to musics, K-pop has grown into a popular subculture among adolescent and young youth around the world, resulting in widespread interest in fashion and style of Korean idol group and singers. Through the born of facebook fan pages, availability on Twitter, iTunes, and music video from youtube, the ability of K-pop to reach a previously inaccessible audience via the internet is driving a paradigm swift in the exposure and popularity in this genre. It make many of talent and entertainment company grew rapidly seem like S.M Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, DSP Entertainment and so on.This company was has play important role to born the great, successful and almost all popular singer,bands and actress in become of Korean wave.The success products from this entertainment and talented company are :-

Super Junior



Girls' Generation



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