Thursday, 24 November 2011

~ Who are you? ~

hye there !
what's up yoo :)
actually mpb has found a new applications ~maybe some of you have know kot,,hehe
okeh let's continue back =)
this apps are about the easy way how we want to introduce ourself to someone
it's very easy and the important things is sooo AwEsOme !!
for the example, in sometimes we can got tired when people keep asking the same things about yourself like 
sorry, what's your full name eh?
alamak~i missplace your address
adoi~terdealete your phone number
are we in same class??
and sooo on ! ><
with this apps you just need to give the link of your only
see just easy right? ^^
in other words, this apps seem like are business card for you
okeh just watch this below video to more explaination :))
tadaaaaa ;D

example this apps-

psst:: mpb pun nak wat satu jugk niey,,heheh

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